Albe's BMX - "Nothing is on Sale, SALE ????"

It's never polite to talk about politics with friends and we're not going to start now, but we have to mention that the tariffs and import-related issues going on in the "real world" are going to affect the cost of imported BMX parts (which is almost every complete bike and most parts on the market, with a few exceptions). At Albe's, we'll continue doing everything in our power to keep the prices of BMX bikes and parts as low as possible, but there are many factors beyond our control. In the meantime, now is a good time to buy a bike or get some new parts before the inevitable price increases go into effect. We'll call it the "Nothing is on Sale, SALE!"

Is the "Nothing is on Sale, SALE"  a genius marketing ploy to get you to order?  We wish!  Its actually a word of warning.   

The bottom line is, prices on many BMX products WILL be going up soon everywhere. Expect and increase of up to  25%, possibly in the next few days even so get your orders in before they do. 

Watch the video below that Brant Moore put out better explaining what is going on.

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