Top notch sales staff and excellent variety makes Albe's BMX my first choice.

- Ryan Kopke

Knowledgeable, hard working team. They don’t just sell every major BMX Product, they ride as well.

- Jim Long

About Us

When this business was first opened in 1968, long before almost everyone that will read this was born, the original owners had no idea how far it would have come. From a simple little bicycle shop in Detroit to an internationally know BMX superstore. Over the years some owners have changed, Some employees have come and gone, but our focus has stayed pretty much the same: do things the way we want to do them, treat customers more like "friends" than "sales", and we make sure we're not so focused on how big we want to be in the future that we lose sight of what it takes to get there on a day by day schedule.

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Blog and News

The new 2021 Dyno Pro Comp Bikes

If you were riding BMX freestyle bikes back in the 1980's you know that the Dyno Pro Compe Bikes were some of the coolest bikes available.  Fast forward to 2021 and Dyno is back with a like of Pro Compe...

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Cinema does Detroit!

  The Cinema crew is comprised of some of the heaviest hitters in BMX, and their recent stay in D-Town turned out some outrageous results. Corey Martinez, Chad Kerley, Dakota Roche, Nathan Williams and Garrett Reynolds took the area's most iconic spots, and a few hidden gems, to new levels. Filming and production is incredible [...]
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