Space Brace Ankle Support 2.0 (Pair)

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The Space Brace Ankle Support 2.0 give you all the great features, support and protection of the regular Space Brace ankle guard but now with "quick lace" technology. This makes it's quite simple and easy to gear up and ready to shred in no time.

    • Makes application simple and fast. Just undo the velcro easy grips, slip your foot in, and pull across.
    • Prevent ankle bruising and other types of injuries from bashing your crank arm
    • The extra supportive top ankle brace cuff is now detachable for more an even more customizable fit and options.
    • Superior ankle support
    • Non-bulky, sleek design
    • Comfortable fit in any footwear, boot or binding
    • All braces are universal to fit left or right foot
    • Unisex