Shadow Conspiracy Vultus S.G Bar

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The Shadow Vultus Bars are now available in 2 versions – Vultus Featherweight and Vultus SG. The Featherweight features lightweight 13B tubing profile. Thick where you need it, thinner in less stress areas. Shadow also reduced the size of the tear shape crossbar to realize even more weight savings. For the ultimate street bar, go with the Vultus SG. SG stands for Street Gauge and is a reference to the straight tubing used in the construction. Both bars offer the same popular geometry and have 100% post-weld heat treatment.

  • Material: 4130 Butted Cro-Mo
  • Upsweep: 3°
  • Backsweep: 10°
  • Weight : 31.6 oz. For 8.75″
  • Colors: black, chrome