S&M Intrikat Bars

by S&M
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The S&M Intrikat bars are designed with flatlanders in mind but can be used as an all around bar if you choose to do so. Slight variances in specs based on rise so be sure to check below.

  • Tight bends start close to clamping area for maximum clearance and smoothest surface for leg contact.
  • Minimal sweep for responsive handling and comfort in both forward and backward position.
  • 4130 CrMo 4Q Baked Post-Weld Heat Treat

10" - 28.5" wide, 3° upsweep, 6° backsweep

9.5" - 28", 3° upsweep, 6° backsweep

9" and 8.5" - 27", 3° upsweep, 6° backsweep