RNC Aluminum Cranks

by RNC
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The RNC Aluminum Cranks are made from a fancy aluminum that keeps them stronger than other alloys with a higher strength to weight ratio than titanium. The man over at RNC comes up with some pretty nifty products if you're looking to get a super light bike that maintains its strength. With that said here is his take on his cranks with all the fancy stuff you need to know. 

***Also take note these only work with RNC 24mm bottom brackets and sprockets. Apparently every other BMX brand does not use an actual 24mm sizing. However the bottom bracket is included, and you can find the proprietary sprocket here or the bash guard version here. ***

"Made from a proprietary 7000 series aluminum with a 103,000 tensile strength. 30% stronger and harder than 7075-T651 aluminum and a higher strength to weight ratio than 6al-4v titanium.

24mm 80 tooth titanium spindle made from a BETA C grade titanium that’s heat treated to an unbelievable 220,000 tensile strength. This titanium has the highest strength of any titanium and also has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal in existence.

Cranks come with two Aluminum arms a Titanium spindle and Titanium flush mount bolts.

Crank weight for 170mm with 5.625 length spindle is 19.8 ounces or 560 grams.

Limited time offer comes with free bottom bracket.