Profile x Albe's x Woodfin Hubset

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Super Limited edition Profile x Albe's x Woodfin hubset featuring Albe's favorite Flightless bird, The Penguin.  And in case you didn't know...Billy Woodfin is a bad ass!

All these hubsets are RHD and are listed with 9t chromoly diver if you would like a different diver / axle configuration than shown give us a call.

Read what Matt Coplon of Profile Racing had to say about this brilliant paring. 


Going into my 20th year of managing both sales and our freestyle team, I’ve had the opportunity to witness, first hand, what the inception of a core BMX shop can do for their local scene.

As a kid in the early 90's, my friends and I would often order our bmx parts through Albe's. A couple years later, Mark Filipowicz (Long time employee, and now partner in ownership) made a trip down to Tampa Bay to ride the Skatepark of Tampa. And during that session, we initiated a friendship that continues to this day.

Coming on board at Profile in 2001, it was a personal honor to come full circle and actually help them with their Profile product orders through our factory.

I would cite all of Albe’s contributions to their local bmx scene in Detroit, but unless you’re devoid of any contact with bmx culture at large, you’re definitely aware of what Albe's has brought to the table.

With Albe's, as with many of our core BMX shops, Profile Racing has done our best to support them in turn.

Enter Billy Woodfin. In preparation for 2020, we asked Billy what shop he would like to collab with on his limited edition, Profile Totem Hub release. Considering his connection to Albe's, the decision was made; an easy one.

Together with the Albe's crew, Billy conjured this Albe's x Profile Racing collab logo, laser etched onto 5, total, limited edition, Right Hand Drive, Black Profile Totem Hubs sets.

Thanks to both Billy, Mark "Flip" Filipowicz, John Smith and the Albe's crew for their support.

These hub sets are available now, exclusively through Albe's Bike Shop.

Continuing over the next two years, we’ll be creating similar limited edition designs with a selection of our riders in collab with their local.

Stay tuned, and please support your local bike shop.”

 -Matt Coplon--