Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster Replacement Parts

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  • 14mm Axle Bolts (Pair)
    Pair needed for v2
    1 needed for non-drive side of v1
  • 3/8" Axle Bolts (Pair)
    1 needed for drive side of v1
  • Hub Guard (Alloy or Plastic, v2 Only)
  • Non-Drive Side Collar
  • Non-Drive Side Circlip
  • Non-Drive Side Sealed Bearing (6003)
  • Cover Slack Port Band v1
  • Cover Slack Port Band v2 (Same as v1, but with v2 etching)
  • 14mm Chromoly Axle with Bolts (v2 Only)
  • Max Slack Adjuster (Optional)
  • Helical Slack Adjuster
  • Slack Adjustment Screw
  • Drag Mechanism (Assembled)
  • RHD Engagement Cone
  • LHD Engagement Cone
  • Drive Side Sealed Bearing (7905A)
  • RHD 9t v2 Driver (Assembled)
  • LHD 9t v2 Driver (Assembled)
  • Drive Side Needle Bearing
  • Drive Side v2 Collar
  • Drive Side v1 Collar