MCS Steel Chainring Bolts

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The Steel Chainring Bolts come in a short and long size. Each size comes in a set of 5 male and female bots.  For the short size, the inside measures 4mm when tightened and have a 7mm total height and for the long size the inside measures 7mm when tightened and have a 11mm total height. The long one fits double and triple chainring cranksets.

Material: Steel
Size: Single-ring Short / 4mm inside measure when tight / 7mm total height / M8x6mm Bolt / M8x4mm Nut
          Double-ring Long / 7mm inside measure when tight / 11mm total height / M8x8mm Bolt / M8x7mm Nut
Color: Chrome
Weight: 19.8 grams / 0.70 ounces per set of 5 Short Bolts
               25.2 grams / 0.89 ounces per set of 5 Long Bolts