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These Haro Vintage wheels are the newest model with welded seams and improved chrome.

The Haro Vintage 48 Wheel set has been needed in BMX since Peregrine stopped making the Super Pro Wheels in the 90's. Many high end BMX Freestyle bikes in the 80's and 90's (including Haro's) used the Peregine Super pro wheels and for great reason. They were tough, smooth and looked amazing. Since Peregrine is no longer making them Haro decided they needed to fill the void and make something very much like them.

Much Like the original Super Pro Wheels the new Haro Vintage wheel set includes a sealed bearing hubs with 3/8" axles in both the front and the rear. Of course the rear is set up to use a freewheel just like the original wheels. They are then laced to a Super Pro shaped rim with a chrome finish. Of course the wheels are finished off with Haro Lineage Peregrine like graphics on both the rims and the hub. Other than actual Peregrine Super Pro wheels these are the best wheels you can get for 80's and 90's freestyle bike restorations.