Eclat E440/Seismic Cassette Wheel

by Eclat
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The Eclat E440/Seismic Cassette Wheel is a toast to some modern technological advancements. Eclat took their E440 rim that was designed to be as light as possible while still being able to handle all the abuse you can throw at. Pro team riders Jordan Godwin and Jordan O'kane gave these rims everything they had and they still weathered the storm. Paired up to the E440 is the much anticipated Seismic Hub. Eclat's Seismic hub uses a toothed coupling system. The TCS system has been used before on high end road bikes and mountain bikes but never in combination with a 14mm axle and 9T driver which as you know are staples now in the BMX industry. The TCS system has put the typical spring and pawl system on the back burner and instead uses two couple toothed ratchet rings that are pushed together by a specially designed spring that transfers the power one way and lets you freewheel the other way. This internal system is a much stronger mechanical design that eliminates any skipping or slipping even after years of use. Hand built using stainless steel spokes.