Box One 120TPI Folding Tire

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The Box One 120TPI Folding Tire take a minimalist approach to give you everything you need without all the gimmicks. Box delivered a tire to hit all the important marks; weight, traction, rolling resistance, and rebound. At its heart is a super-supple 120TPI casing where Box forced in as much rubber displacing nylon as possible. Skin walls are employed to reduce drag and further reduce weight. Box flanked the high-density casing with a tightly packed hoop of aramid fibers. Finally, they draped this all with BMX race-specific tread that transitions from a center band with a large contact patch to unidirectional tactile knobbies on the sides. This aggressive combination allows for maximum traction out of the gate, immense adhesion in the corners, and low rolling resistance in the straights.

20 x 1.50" - 273g
20 x 1.75" - 378g
20 x 1.90" - 371g