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The Animal Hoder 710 chain is the signature chain from Animal's team rider and over all ANIMAL, Mike Hoder. If you know much about Mike or his riding style you know this chain has to be tough. Animal based the Hoder Chain off of KMC's 710 chain with a few tweaks. Features include heat treated and riveted pins and tall inner plates to keep this chain in one piece through lots of abuse. Even includes a half link for dialing in rear end lengths.

  • Heat Treated pins
  • Tall plates for strength
  • Half Link included
  • 112 links
  • Weight = 10.2 oz (cut to average length)


KMC 710 chain as the basis. The Hoder 710 features both heat-treated and riveted pins to maximize strength, tall inner plates to increase tensile strength and stamped Animal logos on the side plates. Pre-installed half link helps fine tune the rear end length.