Albe's BMX Night at Modern Skatepark


The when, where and why....

  • When?: Saturday Feb. 4th.  8:30 to 10:30 pm.
  • Where?: Modern Skate and Surf (address info here)
  • Why?: To show the Modern crew there is plenty of riders to support more / better BMX hours at the park. (read more below)
  • Have an Albe's logo on your bike, helmet or body and you ride for FREE!

During recent discussions with the crew over at Modern Skate Park we have learned they could be open to adjusting bike night hours or possibility even adding another night if we can prove to them there are enough riders willing to go to the park to make it worth their while.   With that said we are setting up this bike night to get as many BMX riders to the park as possible to show them we have the numbers.  Please come by to show support for our scene.