Fly Manual Brake Cable

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The Fly Manual Brake Cable is as about as high tech as you can make a brake cable featuring all the crazy bells and whistles. The spiral casing ensures durability and consistent brake feel when wound up for tailwhips or barspins, an inner stainless cable with Teflon coating for flawless performance and the smoothest pull possible. Even the ferrules are fancy an have some sweet features. The CNC machined ferrules have n internal cone shape that not only pushes the outer cable away from the inner cable to ensure zero bind but also helps avoid “cable blowout” where the outer cable potentially pushes through a conventional ferrule, found only on Manual brake cables.

  • Inner Cable Material: Stainless with Teflon Coating
  • Housing length: 1300mm
  • Inner Cable Length: 1450mm
  • Weight: 2.46oz