Who in Florida wants to sell us or find us a roadtrip van???

It's cold here in Michigan so we figure it's time for some of the crew to find a reason to head south for a few days to have some fun, soak up some sun and of course...ride some bikes. The reason we came up with was is the next stop of the FLBMX Series in Boca Raton, FL.

We don't have the full 10 days or so to commit to a full fledged Albe's bus trip so we decided to take a small crew and fly in. As we started looking for rental cars for 5 of us it seems pretty pricey so we've decided we may just be better off buying a van in Florida for us to drive around for the long weekend and when Turbo flys down a few weeks later to visit his dad he'll drive it back up to Michigan.  Then we will have another road trip vehicle to add to the Albe's fleet.

If you have a van to sell us let us know.  Even if you don't have a van for us but you think you can find us one we'll offer $100 finders fee (and a beverage or 3) to whoever can help close a deal.

  • $2000 max budget
  • 1990 or newer
  • reliable / safe-ish...
  • fit 5 people and 5 bikes semi comfortably
  • color = we don't give a care
  • brand = we don't give a care
  • style = more the better.
  • Extra bonus if you have to pick us up in said vehicle on Jan 11th at the Orlando airport 

If you think you can help email us or shoot me a message on facebook at


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