Proof Copy of Taj Mihelich's "Back Before They Invented Openface Helmets" Book

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This Book donated by Taj Mihelich is being auctioned off and the proceeds will go to Simon Tabron and family  to help with the after effects of a stroke he suffered a few weeks ago.


This is what Taj had to say about the item...
"I just finished a new book of my cartoons, Back Before They Invented Openface Helmets. It will soon be available for pre-order and will be available worldwide November 25.
This auction item is the very first proof copy that I received just a couple days ago. It is signed and numbered, and it is also marked-up by me. There is a handful of tiny corrections to be made for the print run and this proof copy of the book has them called out in red ink. They are all very minor and the book is still completely legible. I hope someone might appreciate owning the very first copy of the book and an extremely rare version since the production run will include the corrections called out in this copy. 

About the book: This book is 164 pages of my cartoons and doodles. There is a bunch of bicycle comics, lots of low- brow humor, dad jokes, questionable puns, and some things that are probably only funny to me. There's a few things I'm actually serious about, but hopefully you can't tell, and even a few essays. I call it a collection of not-too-artsy-fartsy work I've done over the last few years (though, there are a few fart jokes).

Hopefully you'll find a giggle in here somewhere."