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For those just learning about the Quik Slic Kable, it is a patent pending, all-in-one, cable design. This means that the cable, cable hanger and straddle cable are all manufactured as one unit. I have the Quik Slic on my bike and I could not be happier. In addition to easy assembly, the braking response is noticeably improved as a result of eliminating the traditional cable ?bend? and tightening points that are usually found at a normal straddle hanger.

To run the Quik Slic, you will need:

1. A ?traditional? lever with a slotted barrel adjuster.
2. A brake with open ended arms (Odyssey, Fly Bikes, Dia-Tech, Bicycle Union, Proper, Superstar, etc.).
3. A brake boss to cable stop distance of 245mm, +10/-20. (measured from the center of the boss to the center of the cable stop).
4. A split cable guide and a split cable stop (which can often be easily modified if they are closed).