Fit F/U Tire

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The Fit Underinflated F/U Tire was made for riders that prefer low air pressure in their tires. Fit made the F/U tires with a higher than normal thread casing helping avoid pinch flats. Another stand out feature of this BMX tire is the directionless tread allowing you to "rotate" the tire if it becomes worn on the side you grind on more.

  • 20" x 2.4" size
  • 60 psi rating
  • F/U = FIT Underinflated
  • Low resistance, fast rolling design center tread
  • Grips all surfaces from slippery plazas to indoor parks
  • Decreased resistance on smooth sidewall band helps with faster grinds & easier "hard" spins
  • Relatively flat top for better rail rides, better carves, improved balance
  • Keeps its shape at low PSI
  • Directionless tread allows for rotation when worn at an angle from spinning primarily one way
  • weight = 24 oz