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What's the cheapest you can build a "Pro Level" custom bike??

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A month or so ago Kurt over at BMXUnion did a cool little write up on what it would cost to build the most expensive BMX Freestyle bike. I kind of liked the idea but decided to go the opposite way. I wanted to see what the cheapest (yet still pro level) we could build a bike. With that being said the items I picked are not the absolute cheapest. They are the best for the price. Helping the fact is some of the items on the list happen to be on sale. In the end this my list with prices and links all over www.albes.com. I’m amazed at how good of a bike you can build for the money right now!

$189.95 We The People Frame


Currently there are several We The People frames on sale for just $189.95.  These are all Pro Level / Signature frames that are reduced to almost half price.  Many sizes, colors and specs available.  


$125 We The People Forks and Bars

There is currently a deal running that if you buy a We The People Envy Fork (at a sale price) you get a Free set of We The People Bars.  Damn good deal!


$24.95 Kink Hittle Top Load Stem


Pro level Signature stem from Kink Bikes for just $24.95


$21.95 Kink headset




$109.95 DK Social Cranks


Fully heat treated 4130 chromoly cranks with a 48 spline 19mm spindle


$29.95 Sunday Saber Tooth Sprocket


6061 Aluminum Sprocket from Sunday Bikes ready for shredding.


$5.95 KMC Chain


The KMC 410 Chain is nothing special but it will get the job done


$21.95 Mid / 19mm Bottom Bracket


Includes bearings and decent cone spacers


$13.95 Odyssey Twisted PC pedals


Probably our best selling pedal ever.  A good chuck of the Odyssey BMX team (and BMX world in general) use this pedal.


$24.95 Premium Pivotal seat


Not too skinny and not too fat.  A good seat at a good price.


$22.95 Cult Pivotal Post


Let's face it, Most pivotal post are all the same.  No reason to spend a bunch on one and Cult is a pretty cool company anyway


$189.95 Kink Incite Rear wheel with FREE front wheel


This is an AMAZING deal for a pro level wheelset.  Fully sealed hubs, welded double walled rims, Stainless spokes and these guys are HAND BUILT by Albe's own Turbo!


$49.90 (pair) Demolition Momentum Tires


The Demolition tires seem to be one of the tires used by many different types of BMX riders.  A lot of park riders use them because they are pretty light yet they seem to hold up pretty well for the street crowd as well.  For the same price you could also do the Chad Kerley tires


$5.00 (pair) Tubes


What can be said, as long as they hold air you are good to go.


$9.95 ODI Long Neck grips


The ODI Longneck grips are by far the most popular grips in BMX.  the hold up well yet don't destroy your hands and they are priced right.


So there it is, a list of all the parts you need to build a bike and be ready to ride.  there are a few optional items I left out as they are a matter of preference such as pegs and brakes.

So what's the bottom line?????   

$846.30!!!  And that is even without using a discount code of any sort!  It's crazy to think you can build a custom bike with this level of parts for under $850!

What's your thoughts?  If you were given a budget of $1000 max at www.albes.com what parts would you use to build a complete bike??

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