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New DK "Golf" Bike Travel Bags and tips on how to use them


The new DK "Golf" Bike Travel Bags just arrived in a slew of new colors.  DK was smart when they designed these bags a few years ago for several reasons.  First of the smart fellas over at DK set these bags up to fit most normal sized 24 inch BMX bikes and smaller.  On top of that you can even fit in some safety gear, shoes and tools that you may not want to keep in your back pack with you when you are on your flight.  Good stuff!  Below are a few tips to know when you travel by plane with your bike.

  1.  When checking your bag for the flight DO NOT tell the airline there is a bike in your bag.  This is why DK calls it a "Golf" bag.  Airlines charge extra for bikes but just normal bag charges for golf clubs
  2.  If you are asked what's in the bag just say "sporting equipment"  this way you really aren't lying.  Some times I keep my pedals in my back pack that way if they ask if it's a bike you can claim it's just "bike parts" and not a complete bike.  You can also say it's "trade show equipment"
  3. Make sure once your bag is fully loaded it is under 50 lbs.  If you go over 50 lbs the airline will charge you extra.
  4. If you have the chance check in curb side.  The airline employees that work curb side take tips so they don't really care whats in your bag as they just want a $5 or so tip 
  5. Lastly, have fun on your trip!

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