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Learning that Legends are Human.

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Dave Mirra. Just that alone has so much weight behind it. Dave was easily the reason myself, and many others started riding around the late 90s. Something about his charming personality, his good looks, and his ability to ride a BMX bike like no other. He captured our imaginations with his video games, his how-to's and his BMX bikes

Many of us started off on a Haro Mirra complete, we wore Fox clothing and laced up some Adidas. We snapped into Slim Jim's, laughed at the silly tricks we did in his video games and went out in search of our own glories on our BMXs. 

Dave always pushed the envelop and we all soaked it in. He changed how BMX did flairs, he made double flips obtainable. His riding was timeless, he could do it all, and was willing to prove it at anytime.

He went on Road Fools 9 and I loved seeing how humbled he truly was being on that trip. A video series reserved for those who weren't getting coverage on MTV Cribs and ESPN. He went with an open mind and it reopened a lot of us(now older and more jaded)dude's love affair with Dave. 

As we all get older, we all get into different things. For Dave, once he felt he accomplished all he was willing to do in BMX, he moved his talents onto Rally Cross, where he dominated and made a name for himself. We all looked at it and said, "fuck yeah, that's one of us!" It was rad to see, and it allowed a lot of dudes to know it was ok to be into other things outside of BMX.

Dave was a down to earth dude. I was not close to him by any means. But when Albe's went to North Carolina a few times, he welcomed us into his personal warehouse. He was super nice, and was all too willing to show off his powder coating equipment. I asked him for a dorky photo, it was a must have by the 11 year old me.

It humbled me that he was so fucking cool. They always say never meet your hero's, and quite honestly, I am so delighted that I was able to meet mine, and he was super rad.

It's very hard for me to write this. I can't believe it. My phone blew up, texts, Facebook, etc. I had to read it a few times to really let it sink in. 

Dave continued to be an inspiration to a lot of us. He moved onto triathlons, where he also dominated and completely took the sport by it's balls, as only Dave could. His Instagram was a huge source of new inspiration from Dave. His dedication to his new found love of road cycling and triathlons, his two daughters, and his wife was very motivating. I wrote a long winded IG post about how cycling has helped me transition from alcoholism and just being sad overall to getting healthy, losing weight and maintaining a balanced mind. Dave's IG was a big influence on me getting it going, and I tagged him in the long winded post, in which he regrammed and said, "This makes me happy. Little do we know, people are always watching. Good luck bro" and that made me pop big. 

Dave, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, for every single thing you've done in your life. You changed millions of lives. You are the reason why I now sit on my couch, where I am surrounded by my little family, with a BMX bike and road bike. You are the reason I got a job in the BMX industry. You are the reason my phonebook is loaded with BMX friends from all over the world. Your incredible riding inspired me to pick up a BMX bike. 

Suicide is something many of us will never understand. It's very hard to comprehend. We never know what is really going on in people's heads. If you ever have any doubts, troubles, if you feel lost, if you feel like there is no other way. There is, and all of us are here. Every single person in your phone book, twitter/IG followers, friends on Facebook, we are all here for you. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new way. Remember that all of your friends and family love you, and will walk across fire for you. Suicide is not the answer.

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