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Zack Gerber explains how to make Jet Fuel and Oil Slick products look their best


Zack Gerber was in town today and came by Albe's for a stem.  He then proceed to show us the best way to make oil slick / jet fuel products like way better.

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Cory Wiergowski in TMVII

Today we have gone live with Cory Wiergowski's section from The Michigan Video II.  Cory is probably one of the most talented BMX riders to ever come out of Michigan and honestly probably one of the best in the game.    Cory can ride anything and knows how to have a good time as well.  [...]

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Nick Bullen in TMVII

Nick Bullen has been a really good bike rider for a long time and never really seems to get the attention he deserves.  Hit play and watch Nick do what he does best.  If you'd like to pick up a copy of the DVD for just $5 click HERE

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Jeff Tabb in TMVII

Jeff Tabb is one of the most amusing people on the planet.  Jeff's vibe is always upbeat and ready for adventure.  On top of that Jeff is extremely talented on and off his bike.   All of these traits come through in Jeff's riding so be sure to watch this and if you'd like to [...]

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Friends Section in TMVII DVD

Check out the "Friends" sections from TMVII DVD.  Clips of many Michigan rippers such as Tyler Fernengel, Dane Wild, Connor Keaton, Mikey Tyra, Mark Flip, Brandon Dosch, Luke Swab, Jeremy Barger, Alex Burnside and more!  If you want to get your hands on the full TMVII DVD click HEREFriends in TMVII (Full part 2017) from [...]

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Felix Maisonet in TMVII

Check out Felix Maisonet's section from TMVII.  Felix is a super young local that is a great rider and super cool kid.  If you'd like to order the full TMVII DVD do so by clicking HEREFelix Maisonet in TMVII (Full Part 2017) from Albe's BMX on Vimeo.

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Jacob Hossack in TMVII

Jacob Hossack's Full part from TMVII (The Michigan Video 2) Filmed by Alex Burnside and Cory Wiergowski. Footage from 2014-2017. DVD copies available HERE

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Zach North in TMVII

Zach is a mellow dude for the most part off his bike but is an ANIMAL on it.  Zach has the ability to do big stuff but is also very tech.  Check out Zach's full DVD part from TMVII and if you are feeling saucy order up a copy of the video HEREZach North in [...]

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Grant Ueberroth and Trent Lutzke in TMVII

Check out Grant Ueberroth and Trent Lutzke's part from TMVII DVD.  Both Grant and Trent are good dudes that kill it on their bikes.  If you'd like a hard copy of TMVII click here Grant Ueberroth/Trent Lutzke in TMVII (Full part 2017) from Albe's BMX on Vimeo.

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Haro Vintage and Lineage Super Pro Wheel Sets In Stock

The New Haro Vintage and Lineage Super Pro Wheels just arrived and they look GOOD! Haro took the time to get these wheels to look a lot like the original Peregrine Super Pro wheels to help fill the void out there.Haro did these wheels in 3 options..Option #1: Vintage style wheel with 48 spokes [...]

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