Sunday Darkwave Authentic Bike 2022

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The Sunday Darkwave Authentic Bike 2022

The new Darkwave is the signature bike of BMX wizard, Broc Raiford and is being made in limited numbers.   The Darkwave complete bike is built around Sunday's aftermarket Darkwave frame and covered in tons of Sunday and Odyssey aftermarket parts.  This is basically a custom BMX bike for a fraction of the price.  

  • Sunday Darkwave, 21.25" TT, 100% chromoly, aftermarket frame, w/ wave downtube and removable brake hardware
  • TT: 21.25", HT: 75.25°, ST: 71°, CS: 13.25-13.5", BB: 11.75", SO: 9.25"
  • Sunday Darkwave fork, 20", 100% chromoly, 41-Thermal, aftermarket fork, 28mm offset
  • Odyssey Broc Bar, 9.8 x 29", 10° backsweep, 2° upsweep, 100% chromoly, 41-Thermal, aftermarket bar
  • Odyssey Broc V2 Stem 50mm
  • Odyssey Springfield Brake and Brake lever
  • Pivotal seat and post
  • Odyssey La Guardia Sprocket, 28T
  • Odyssey Thunderbolt, 170mm, 100% chromoly, 41-Thermal, LHD
  • Odyssey Hazard Lite Rims Front and rear
  • Odyssey Vandero Pro, 36H, sealed, 3/8" female axle, 2 plastic guardsfront hub
  • Odyssey Clutch V2 freecoaster, 36H, 14mm female axle w/ 9T driver, LHD, non-drive side plastic guard rear hub
  • Odyssey Bluebird Half-Link chain
  • Odyssey Graduate Peg 4.75" (x4)