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Price: $13.95
Manufacturer: The Hunt

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The Hunt is the new arena for independent BMX productions.  With nearly $10,000 in cash and prizes, it’s a project that our sponsors believe in.  We also believe that all riders should have a say in who wins – that’s why after the field is narrowed down to twenty semi-finalists, the fate of the DVD was left in the hands of the people. Not all videos should die a quick death on the internet, that’s why releasing the top ten video parts on this limited edition DVD.

  • Chad Kerley filmed by Christian Rigal
  • Dillon Lloyd filmed by Jeremy Deme
  • Stevie Churchill and Dillon Stark filmed by Jeff DuPaul
  • Tony Neyer filmed by Tony Ennis
  • Kyle Baldock filmed by Bret Trigg
  • Grant Castelluzzo filmed by Chris Beers
  • Anthony Pearson filmed by Sean Pointing
  • “Give Me My Fix” by Mike King
  • Zack Gerber multiple filmers
  • Russell Wadlin multiple filmers
  • Bonus Section: Gary Young (Odsy Web vid), Scotty Cranmer (Monster Web Vid), Alistair Whitton (Vans Web Vid)