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The Almighty Albe's has a retail store.

Come by and visit us at:

5743 E. 13 Mile Rd.

Warren Mi, 48092

(Warren is located just north of Detroit)

our retail store's phone number is (586) 264-1150

open Mon - for hours

we're not one of those new upstart mail order only companies operating out of storage unit and figure if we refer to "e;X-sports"e; you'll think we are cool, we're not a warehouse in the middle of nowhere and we're not just another bike shop trying to make a buck off of BMX even though their retail store is full of mountain bikes. What you see is what you get with us, for the most part. We're not just following thetrend. BMX bikes, BMX parts, skateboards, clothes, shoes and the whole lifestyle that goes with it. Music to listen to, videos to watch and a place to hang out...and you never know who might show up, Taj, the MacNeil team, Mat Hoffman, the Kink team, Kip Williamson, and the FBM team are just a few of the people that have been through here recently. Ron Wilkerson once wrestled Dave Voelker in our parking lot! Come by on a Wednesday evening and we might let you go to the weekly talent show anddance competition. We started as a little bike shop way back in 1968 and it was run by a guy namedFrank Fordand they existed by selling twenty seven inch tires and handlebar mirrors to the city of Detroit for twenty years, 1988 saw a a majorstaffchange and the rest is history as they say, ourfokusnarrowed and we never looked back. For the past fifteen years we've been dedicated to serving people like you the good stuff and ONLY the good stuff and there's no sign of us slowing down any time soon. If anything, ourempireis like the Steve Austin of the industry, getting bigger, better and stronger. Bottom line, if you're in the area, come by, hang out, make us laugh, go get us lunch, lick our floor, just don't be dumb enough to wear the free t-shirt you got with your ninety-nine dollar pre-paid order and expect us to give you a deal.

**note that prices in retail store may vary from the website

(ask nice and we'll probably hook ya up)