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Price: $184.95
Manufacturer: Gsport
Part No: 0

Product Options

1. Hollow 20mm axle system, as proven on the Homer hubs. Over twice as strong as a solid 14mm axle. Lifetime warranty against bending or snapping, even if it gets run over by a truck.
2. NEW custom hollow 14mm thread bolts, with a 17mm hex head and broached for a 6mm allen-key for maximum compatibility.
3. Oversized cartridge bearings for the hub itself as proven on the Homer hubs. Rated at over half-a-ton each.
4. Threadless press-on collar system for bearing and driver retention. Nothing to adjust or come loose. Again, as well proven on the Homer hubs.
5. Square tooth-profile ratchet-ring and symmetrical one-piece driver for easy left/right hand drive switching.
6. Three (the optimum number) over-size, high-precision, individually-sprung, pawls that work simultaneously. Fully retained to prevent "wandering" and to simplify cleaning without the risk of loosing parts.
7. One-piece drivers down to 10-tooth running on high-load capacity needle roller bearings. Run your chain as tight as you like and NEVER blow a driver bearing.
8. Angled spoke flanges for the absolutely ideal spoke line. If you need a spoke guard, then you need a spoke guard. Fancy machine-work and limited lacing options will not change this.

Weight (standard 14mm configuration) = 19 ounces