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NOW PAY ATTENTION and save 10% off your custom bike!!! Does not apply to used bikes.

NOW PAY ATTENTION and save up to 10% off your custom bike!

Getting a whole, new, custom, complete bike is the sweetest thing ever, right? It gets even better when you can pick out each part yourself then get a big discount, huh?  Well then, here it is:  pick out everything you need (click here for a check list), remember to add each item to your cart, then when you're all done and checking out type the word "COMPLETE" in the discount code box and that will knock 10% off*  the total.  This is SOOOO much better than being forced into a dumb parts package half full of crap you really don't like just to save a few bucks.  Now tell everybody that Albe's is your best friend.

*some brands excluded